Shaving Accessories

I first began making shaving brushes in 2006. Since that time my brushes have been purchased by discerning shavers, men and women, around the globe!

When I started turning brushes, there were only a few of us in the US plying this corner of the trade. Out of necessity I had to import my own brush knots, and although knots are now pretty widely available, I still import my own, custom made to my specifications. Currently, I’m offering brushes in 20mm and 24mm sizes. For most folks, the 20mm brush does just fine–it’s what I use for my personal brush. If you have a little more real estate to cover with lather (your head, perhaps?), you might consider the larger size.


My brush knots are made from silvertip badger hair. They are very durable–my 10-year-old brush is still going strong and works as well as the day I put it into service. Care is easy–just rinse the soap out of the badger hair, shake out the excess water, wipe the wood handle dry on your towel, and you’re good to go. Don’t leave the wood handle in contact with water, i.e., lying in a puddle on the sink! It’s also best if you can store the brush with bristles down so they can continue to drain.


I have to admit that I usually try to discourage people from using a wood mug for shaving. Wood mugs never have a chance to dry out between uses, and this is very tough on wood. I personally use a ceramic mug, and it will last forever.

For those who insist on the romance or having a piece that matches their brush, I have taken two approaches.

  1. I have made mugs from tropical hardwoods. Some of these species are naturally oily and have some water resistance. The downsides are that the wood tends to be expensive and sometimes impossible to get in the needed size, and because of their natural oil they don’t take finishes well or respond to stabilizing.
  2. I do stabilize wood, and this to my current thinking is the best solution. Stabilizing fills the microscopic voids in the wood with acrylic, pretty well eliminating shrinking/swelling due to contact with water. The downsides–this does add expense to the product, and it works on domestic hardwoods (not tropical hardwoods).

Currently, any shaving accessories I have for sale are on my Etsy site. Feel free to browse that shop, or contact me if you’re looking for something in particular. The images on this page feature a portfolio of some of my work.