Open Forms

The open vessel is older than modern civilization. To be human is to have a bowl to put stuff in. Maybe treasures, pine cones, polished stones, or breakfast cereal. Or bread. Or salad. You get the idea.

So many cultures have evolved the form, perfecting its curve, height, volume, and sometimes decorating the exterior or interior, that anything we do today seems somehow derivative. Yet, as simple as it may seem and time tested as it is, crafting the perfect bowl remains a great challenge. And the great thing about wood is that as a medium it always holds surprises and discoveries; there is always more to learn in its color and grain. So, it seems to me, the marriage of wood and the open vessel is a perfect one–the material was meant for the form. The open vessel is what first attracted me to woodturning, and it remains my favorite form to create these many years later.