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Creating family heirlooms since 2006

Gentle to the touch, exquisite to contemplate, tractable in creative hands, stronger by weight than iron, wood [is], as William Penn had said, ‘a substance with a soul.’…

One of the remarkable things about wood is its self-expression. Whether as the handle of a tool, as a dead stump, or alive in a forest where every branch is a record of the winds that blew, it is always telling something about itself. This is why man has an affinity with wood not only as a mere material, but also as a kindred spirit to live with and to know.

–Eric Sloane, A Reverence for Wood.

I have been working with wood, sometimes professionally and sometimes out of passionate interest, for more than 25 years. My recent efforts have focused on lathe-based work, creating everything from functional works to the more artistic and abstract. In 2018 I completed a new workshop. I now have an inspiring view that lets the morning light rake across my workbench, and room to build furniture and cabinetry. I believe are should be a part of our everyday lives, and I look forward to sharing my work with you.